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Financial awareness is a goal for anyone with consistency and self-discipline. All you have to do is keep a record of your spending, either in the form of a diary or through various smartphone applications.

Once you know your money spending habits, which are often unconscious, the next step is to save yourself with less cancellation. Here are some tips to help you save money over the next few months!

How to save on meals?

Cafe, restaurant, workplace bar? Dangerous terrain where you are constantly tempted. “Oh, it’s only $ 500 more expensive”, “if I am here I can fit a cake”, “I can afford a cappuccino”. You certainly know the saying: “If no one sees you eating, you will not gain weight”. Unfortunately, this is true not only for calories but also for your spending. Have you ever thought about how much money you can save in a month if you don’t give in to impulse shopping and get ready to leave home? Here are some things to keep in mind:

● Avoid ordering and buying ready meals! For a fraction of the cost of healthy ingredients, you can make a great lunch and pack it for work. And home-brewed coffee is sure to be made the way you like it.
● Assemble home-cooked food in larger quantities, even on weekends, then freeze the rest. This way, you can save time on your busy weekdays.
● When cooking, make sure to use the lid of the pots when boiling, so they will be cooked faster and less on your end-of-month bill.
● If you are already cooking and freezing: read your fridge occasionally because it will consume much more when it is iced or if anything obstructs the vent.

If you go shopping …

● Always pay attention to promotions! If at all possible, pack the products, even freeze them! Did you know that even bread is good in the freezer?
● Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits from local producers in the market!
● If you want to buy durable food for less, visit supermarkets and hypermarkets!
● Always carry a canvas bag so you not only protect the environment, but also save money. Remember, many little ones go a long way!
● Use loyalty or credit cards and earn points! For example, with the Good Finance card you can earn three times the amount of trust points you can use on your next purchase and get an instant 5% off the price of every Good Finance branded product with a red bird logo!

Save on clothes!

Save on clothes!

Are you familiar with the idea of ​​”I have no clump”? This usually does not cover reality. You often feel it when you get bored with your wardrobe. But before you go crazy shopping, change them, upgrade them with little things! There are many DIY (Internet DIY) solutions on the internet for video sharing portals, or you can exchange a few good pieces with your friends. If you decide to go on a purchasing tour, keep in mind:

● Try quality second-hand shops or “garage fairs”, “give-and-take” opportunities advertised in certain groups of community portals, because if you are in the eye, you can hit on good quality used items.
● Shop out of season! At great prices you can get a winter coat in the spring, a swimwear in the summer, a swimsuit in the fall and a list.
● Do not buy garments that you cannot combine. If you are looking for a little upgrade, opt for accessories that are cheaper than a new top.

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